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Babee Balm is now my go to solution for any dry skin/rashes that may pop up on myself or my children. I also use it as face cream, hand cream, elbow/knee cream, lip balm, aftersun etc etc! It smells wonderful and this is confirmed by my boys who are extremely discerning (difficult) when it comes to these things. I don't have to worry my frazzled mummy head about nasty chemical ingredients harming my family or the environment, it comes in glass pots and even better, it's made by a lovely lady who lives round the corner! I love the body bars too, easy to use and smell divine.

Angela - Isle of Wight

At 6 weeks old my daughter developed really bad eczema over her face and some parts of her body due to a milk intolerance. We were prescribed numerous creams from the doctors. Some which helped a little but most just made it worse. We were struggling so badly with her skin, until one day at baby group a lovely mum gave me a pot of BaBee Balm to try. The difference over night was amazing. All of her redness was almost completely gone. Within a couple of days her skin started to feel like it had moisture in it again. And after one month her eczema had gone. It's the best product by far and I love the fact it's such a natural product and locally made. It is now a staple of my bathroom cabinet, as any flare ups this is what we use to get rid of it quickly. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there.

Gemma - Isle of Wight

Me and my baby both suffered from eczema and psoriasis and struggled to find anything that helped us. Until we found babee balm, was a bit apprehensive about it but it works wonders. Such a tiny little pot lasts for weeks and weeks and it's definitely worth it! Plus it's all natural so you can't go wrong!

Faye - Isle of Wight

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