About Us

Eco-conscious packaging


All BaBee Balm product packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable, making them both eco and environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on being plastic free.

Keeping it local!


All BaBee Balm products are made using locally sourced beeswax to reduce our carbon footprint, and proudly promoting and supporting local businesses and the economy.

Our Story


When my twins were born in 2010 it became apparent very early that they suffered with severe eczema, and thus began the full-time job of a daily skin-care regime involving steroid creams after steroid cream, every bottle of moisturising cream available, oat baths, gallons of coconut oil, the ongoing debate of to bathe or not bathe, terrible nappy rash, skin infections, sleepsuits put on backwards to stop the scratching, and absolutely no let up.

Then my sister introduced me to the world of shea butter and the ever so talented Star Khechara, and I began my journey into the world of homemade cosmetics. After cooking up many variations in the kitchen I finally found a recipe that worked! I had created a balm that fixed all our nappy rash issues, didn't sting when put on the skin, didn't make the eczema worse (an issue I was constantly battling with from prescribed creams), relieved the itching, and actually made a massive improvement to my children's skin! From then on I was never without my little pot of gold and whilst on maternity leave completed a diploma in Business Cosmotology and started selling my balm at local mother and baby fairs in Devon. 


Skip forward a few years through work, life, a degree and another two babies, and here we are! 9 years after finding myself thrown into the world of eczema, I now have a range of home-made moisturising products, that are suitable for babies from 3 months, and adults alike. Free from artificial fragrances and preservatives, BaBee Balm products are perfect for daily use, even by those with sensitive skin.


Made with the purpose of relieving my children’s eczema symptoms, BaBee Balm has now proved to be indispensable and will continue to grow.